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header background title text cup of oil picture rosa canina fruits picture rosa canina fruits picture cup of oil picture shape line shape line shape line border line Rosehip oil Rosehip Tea Component Rosehip About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy What is Rosehip Oil Chamomile Tea Benefits Propolis Benefits What treat with Rosehip Prevention treatments - Heart disease - Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, vitamin B complex contained rosehip pulp prevent atherosclerosis, cardiovascular adaptation helps to stress conditions, HOT prevent hypertension. Being rich in organic acids (pectin), which regulates and cholesterol. Thus, with hawthorn fruit, they are true champions in crisis prevention of angina pectoris and heart. Fall and spring are one month treatment of rosehip powder, which is consuming 4-6 teaspoons / day on an empty stomach.  - Hypertension - Recent studies show that a diet of this fruit helps the body adapt better to psychological stress, the strain and negative emotions such as anger, frustration, anger management. Stress associated with these negative emotions are even the main cause for HOT hypertension and labile blood pressure. It is recommended that at least 2 times / year to make a cure powder to take 1 teaspoon / day for 28 days. - Cholecystitis, cholelithiasis and biliary colic - this fruit infusion combined with biliary inflammatory effect, prevents the precipitation of cholesterol in gallbladder and gallstone formation, prevents colic. It manages, each 1 cup, 30 minutes before each meal, in the course of 30 days, followed by three 10 days of rest. Studies show that treatment with combined infusion results in decrease in volume of large gallstones. - Rheumatism - The fruit is a great collection of antioxiante and inflammatory substances that prevent the degradation of cartilage in joints end, helps maintain elasticity of limb and spine, increases resistance to cold, preventing crises developing rheumatic. The change of seasons, especially in autumn and winter, we recommend a course of one month, during which it is administered every ½ combined infusion with this product / day. - Cystitis, nephritis - hawthorn seeds contain substances with a strong diuretic and which protects the kidneys and bladder infections. Domestic rosehip pulp given segment increases urinary immunity. For outstanding results in kidney disease treatment exists against the following diseases: inflammation of the urinary tract and kidney stone formation in kidney and bladder, kidney, kidney swelling and enuresis (involuntary loss of urine). For these conditions are effective decoctions, infusions and rosehip wine in long course, involved in regulating the amount of urine daily. Combined decoction of seeds is administered hawthorn morning until 12 o'clock every ½ l / day in diet for 2 weeks, followed by 2 weeks of rest. Of infusion combined pulp obtained is given every 1 cup (200 ml), 15 minutes before lunch and dinner, in the course of 30 days. - Allergy - The prevention of allergies, a cure for 45 days, miracles, it is drink ½ combined infusion of this product / day. The best time to start them are in late winter-early spring, so the effect to be maximum in April, it begins pollination and those with allergic sensitivity is the hardest try. - Respiratory Infections - This improve the immune system and strengthen the respiratory epithelium, helping them to exercise the role of barrier to infectious organisms. 3-4 weeks treatment prevents respiratory infections such as viral and bacterial bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary virus, sinusitis, rhinitis etc. Is given rosehip powder, 1 teaspoon, 4 times / day.  - Debility and anemia in young children - rosehip syrup with all the pulp is very rich in vitamin C and B vitamins, iron and magnesium improves appetite, promotes normal development of the nervous system, prevents diseases infectious diseases and their complications. Administered, 3-4 teaspoons / day, in the course of 60 days, followed by 20 days of rest. In infants, combined infusion is administered, 100-200 ml / day, at least 30 minutes before nursing. - Scurvy, avitaminosis - They have not only high in vitamin C and other vitamins (especially vitamins A and B complex), but even helps the body absorbs vitamins and minerals from other sources. Treatment is made within 60 days, during which manages 6 teaspoons of rosehip powder / day. © www.rosehip-oil.net All rights reserved 2012  facebook button you tube button twitter button What treat with Rosehip
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