Rosehip tea

This drink can be prepared from

Tea can be sweetened with honey and drink throughout the day

Rosehip tea is appropriate for all respiratory diseases

header background title text cup of oil picture rosa canina fruits picture rosa canina fruits picture cup of oil picture border line Rosehip oil Rosehip Tea Component Rosehip About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy shape line shape line shape line The beneficial effects of rosehip tea are known since antiquity. Hawthorn is also known in some areas wild   rose. Although they are especially popular for their rich content of vitamin C, fruit rosehip (Rosa canina), have lower amounts of vitamins like A, B1, B2, PP and K.   fruits (Rosa canina) are the basis of this drink. They also contain citric acid, malic acid, pectin, tannin, volatile oils, lecithin and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium.   The are recognized in the therapeutic effects and vitaminizing tonic. They have fortified effect, cholagogue and choleretic (stimulates bile secretion and elimination, preventing gallstone),vaso-dilator and anti-inflammatory. Remedies of the fruit provides a well functioning internal organs. This drink is shown in beriberi, enterocolitis, gallstones and kidney stones, inflammation of the kidney or bile, peripheral circulatory failure, recovering, the elderly and children during growth.  Rosehip tea consumption as a food usually confer resistance to cold This drink can be prepared from 5-10 whole fruit, fresh or dried, or 1-2 teaspoons of dried fruit without seeds (husk red) in a cup of boiling water (250 ml). Also can be used as a decoction but do not boil more than three minutes in order not to lose vitamins (especially vitamin C is lost Boiling), and sweetening is best made with honey (preferably poly floral).   This drink is a weapon in combating and preventing colds just by its content of natural vitamin C which strengthens immunity, helping it to resist disease. The taste of this drink is not authorized by anyone. Decrease suffering some liver, stomach and kidneys, and some states of intestinal inflammation. The vitamin PP, maintain capillary permeability and fragility, normalized blood circulation. If you want to prepare a good drink, with short-term effects, you should know that it is better to let the water boil and then add dried fruit and crushed. Is conserved much better vitamin C. More specifically you can prepare using the following recipe: 500 ml boiling water add two tablespoons of crushed fruit. Tea can be sweetened with honey and drink throughout the day. This drink is a diuretic, increasing the amount of urine in 24 hours. This itself is attributed mainly seeds. Not produce any irritation is recommended for urinary and kidney disease for a longer cure. One quality that has rosehip tea, if drunk constantly, is to balance cholesterol levels.  May have anti-inflammatory properties and are useful in cases of osteoarthritis. Has the ability to strengthen the immune system and helps you better cope with the cold period, increasing the body's natural resistance to virus diseases and seasonal colds. Rosehip tea is appropriate for all respiratory diseases, as an adjunct and help beneficial bacteria in the body, especially after taking antibiotics.  Muscle cramps and pelvic congestion syndrome pains go with it.    Relieves liver  crises.  This drink can be used in calming crisis liver or biliary colic. Therefore, after a hearty meal, a cup of tea is welcome. Finally, treatment with rosehip increases tone and physically, being an important addition to workouts, which is the main means of losing weight. We recommend a course of 45 days with combined infusion of this product, which drink one liter per day. © All rights reserved 2012  What is Rosehip Oil facebook button you tube button Chamomile Tea Benefits Propolis Benefits What treat with Rosehip
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