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   other natural products: twitter button Rosehip oil has the capacity balancing of pH and the vital functions of the skin, improving the blood circulation. Has a strong action hydration of the tissue, activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level as well as effectively combating to the free radicals. All these made that rosehip oil to find a wide use in realizing different products cosmetic. Women from South America appeals to the curative effects of thereof hundreds of years. This is very easy, close to the consistency of water and is absorbs into the skin very fast, making it ideal for skin hydration. It is famous for its ability to calming the burns caused by the Sun , but also and to reduce the appearance of unsightly scars, be they old or new and even of the stretchmarks. Is ideal for complexion : reduce the appearance of wrinkles, spots and lessens dilated pores. Promotes the skin's natural regeneration, helping in the production of collagen and elastin. Rosehip (rosa canina) is a species of the genus Rosa, akin to the rose. Rose hip have a very high                                                                                       content of vitamin C, but they contain other vitamins                                                                                       B1, B2, K, PP. Also contain the minerals substances                                                                                       and sugars and it is very rich in essential fatty acids.                                                                                       This play back the brightness of skin, humidity and                                                                                       color, nourish, hydrates, soothes and regenerates                                                                                       in depth. These qualities are added the strong                                                                                       anti-allergic and emollient action , smoothing and                                                                                       rejuvenating of the cheek,  but and effective action                                                                                       against acne, the chronic dermatitis, wrinkles, freckles                                                                                       or dandruff. Do not forget of the antiinflammatory character,                                                                                       decongestant, cicatrizing, antibacterial, antiviral, antiseptic                                                                                       and disinfectant that make it extremely useful in the case of                                                                                       the most various kinds of irritations, mycosis, burns,                                                                                       scrapes or injuries.                                                                                       Fine and delicate action allows use even on the most                                                                                       sensitive skin as well as in case of children and  a babies.                                                                                       Excellent results are obtained in the case of sensitive skin,                                                                                       dry complexion or with cracked veins. Its main actions are                                                                                       to revitalized and nourish skin, acting as an anti-wrinkle                                                                                       remedy, around the eyes, in especially . It's great to reduce the tissue with scar , having fantastic results on scars after burns or surgery . It is well tolerated by all skin types and is a wonderful product for the face, because it is so delicate.   Properties and benefits:                                                  Recommendations - regenerating;                                                                  - mature skin, devitalized; - exceptional cicatrizing;                                                   - skin lacking elasticity; - penetrating, not greasy residue;                                     - Couperose;    - stimulating production of collagen and elastin;               - basic ingredient for antiage serums; - prevents devitalization of skin;                                        - smoothing wrinkles;  - diminishes pigmentation spots;                                       - alleviating the signs of expression; - maintain skin elasticity;                                                   - reducing dark circles; - stimulates epidermis restoration;                                    - daily maintenance of all types of complexion;                                                                                           - prevention and alleviating of stretch marks;                                                                                           - alleviating unsightly scars old and new;                                                                                           - UV damage from overexposure to the sun; The use of this oil: - applied to the skin as such, undiluted: to facilitate absorption is recommended to apply on freshly the cleaned complexion, slightly damp; - included as an ingredient in cosmetic compositions for skin care of any kind; - Incorporated into a cream, lotion, facial oil and facial massage oil, with various specific cosmetic ingredients; - as an ingredient in the cosmetic masks rejuvenation,  of regeneration, stimulation and complexion elasticity . Special synergies: - combined with cistus essential oil and lavender for scarring and regeneration; - combined with essential oil of rosewood and geranium for regeneration and antiage; - combined with essential oil of neroli for dry complexion, dehydrated; - with the oil of wheat germ and the essential oil of mandarin  for stretch marks; - with Borago oil and squalane as antiage oil. Storage: This oil is sensitive to the oxidation and must be kept of preference below 19 ° C, after opening in the fridge,  protected from humidity and light, in original container and is recommended to use within 6 months of opening. An admixture of 0.5% antioxidant vitamin E contribute to the maintaining freshness. This oil will not heat in within the preparation of emulsions, will be supplemented with E vitamin where the be inserted in the process of emulsification after heating the oil phase, pursuant to recipe. Note:           - non toxic            - non irritant           - non sensitizing           - external use! In the last years we have seen that as you society becomes more modern on so is granted an interest of increasingly more acutely wisdom of our ancestors to find answers to the appeared problems . After all,  what good to have history if we do not focus the facts on experience of those who have preceded us? Every nation has a history and in its culture have permeated not only superstitions and customs, but also body care remedies, which were initially used in medicinal purposes and over time has acquired an important role in beautification. Below we offer some specific tricks of peoples with ancient history,  certainly tricks that will help to offer your complexion the caring that it needs. The rosehip are a natural regenerating of the complexion, its capabilities the skin healing and the regeneration is already being appreciated in cosmetics for years. The high content of essential fatty acids provide a beneficial action of complexion regeneration , of slowing to the premature aging. Have been obtained excellent results in treating burns, especially those the solar and of scarring, including surgical or those left by the acne, for reduce wrinkles and signs of premature aging, while reducing redness. It is especially recommended for dry complexion, well as for the normal. You can also use for massage, masks and body wraps. It is noted primarily the organic oils  Rosa Mosqueta obtained from fruit by cold pressing. An important asset plays the high content of unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic (44-50%), linolenic (30-35%) and oleic (15-20%) and vitamin C, with which help to regenerate complexion cells and increase their capacity of production collagen and elastin, can be considered a anti wrinkle oil contributing to maintenance complexion elasticity. Not-refined oil pressed to cold  from seed of rosehip is rich in essential  lipo-acids (omega-3 and omega-6), thus providing intensive care for dry complexion, peeled, chapped, lifeless. Reduces the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth. Nourishes and protects complexion the harmful effects of the environment, restores moisture balance of the complexion  with refreshing and soothing effect. By its use, skin regains its radiance and healthy appearance. Oil spreads easily and absorbs quickly into complexion. It shall apply a few drops of oil, is massaged gentle on the complexion deeply cleansed once a day (evenings), or several times. The effect may be enhanced if is applied on the slightly damp complexion. If you use the product during the day, take care and additional sun protection. Do not use on oily skin, acne (the basket).
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