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header background title text cup of oil picture rosa canina fruits picture rosa canina fruits picture cup of oil picture shape line shape line shape line border line Rosehip oil Rosehip Tea Component Rosehip About Us Contact Us Privacy Policy Rosehip plant is a true panacea. Can hardly find a condition indifference to action countless active ingredients that it contains. From the first days of life and ever after, this fruit should always accompany us. We would be much healthier and happier. Shrouded in legend and arrived today a subject of many research groups around the world, entering the composition of pharmaceutical product ever more, the wonder herb does not stop surprising us with its effects almost miraculous and wonderful taste of tea, wine, sweetness, rose hip sauce or soup.Wild plant, but also decorative, delicious food, but, above all, an excellent product, worth we pause to find out more about rose hip. They are known for their healing effects since ancient times, when they were used as a medicinal plant. Due to high content of vitamins and minerals they contain, can this fruit wonders for our health, being an excellent anti-anemic, fortified and stimulating immunity. It also ensures the proper functioning of internal organs and the cardiovascular system, have anti-aging effect and stimulates collagen biosynthesis. Increase in plain and hilly regions, forming clumps of pink flowers covered. Autumn is decorated with red fruit. Belongs to the group "berry" because the production of rose hips are obtained almost exclusively from wild plants, known as rose hips (Rosa canina L.), Ruje or wild rose. In culture, this fruit was recently introduced very small surfaces. This fruit are pseudo-fruits, from floral receptacle development. Within them are achenes, real fruit, improperly called seeds. Rose hip have spherical or ellipsoidal, orange and red during the first fruits or red-orange full maturity. Medicinal purposes, should be harvested when ripe, soaked us, and not fall, after the fall of white frost, when we are fully ripe and softened, because at this stage they contain the smallest amount of active ingredients. Maximum vitamin C play in the first fruits, the flesh still firm.  After harvesting, processed immediately, so as not to degrade the active substances. Processing is done in wood, plastic or glazed ceramic to prevent degradation of vitamin C which metals a break. This fruit contain: water 49%, sugar 21.0%, protein 3.6%, 3.5% acid (malic acid), cellulose 23.0, 2.8% minerals, provitamin A, (500-5000 mg per 100 g pulp depending on the species), vitamins B1, B2, E, K and P (as flavonoglucozide) and traces of vitamin PP. Rose hip seed oil contains vitamin F (essential fatty acids: linoleic acid, linolenic acid andarachidonic acid). This fruit acids (malic and citric, especially) helps stabilize vitamin C. This fruit is also found in terpene compounds as betulinic, and lycopene (isomer ofcarotene ) The main benefits: - Replace Prozac - Protects the heart - Strengthen immunity - Calms liver crises - Get rid of tobacco and alcohol dependent - Decoction of this fruit is effective against formation of kidney stones - Syrup increase appetite A substance found in this fruit has proven to be effective in preventing arthritis and joint strengthening and regenerates the parties affected by the disease, according to a study by a team of Swiss researchers. The fruit syrup a real source of vitamins and minerals for the body. It has very good results in treating anemia in children, increased appetite or nervous disorders as an adjunct. The courses are 60 days and take 3-4 teaspoons of syrup per day. Since the beginning of October you can venture into a this fruit picking expedition. Find those that are distant from roads traveled and remember to take along some gloves and scissors. If you collected enough of this fruit, you can make them a great liquor. © All rights reserved 2012  What is Rosehip Oil facebook button you tube button Chamomile Tea Benefits Propolis Benefits What treat with Rosehip
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